Complaints (terms and conditions)

1. Coffins and urns sold by representatives of Funero company are subject to complaint (which sould be documented by correctly signed and stamped Delivery Note Document)
NOTE: the Client is obliged to check the goods upon delivery for completeness and damage in transit and report any possible concerns.

2. The lodged complaint should be considered if:

  • it is submitted to Funero via e-mail address not later than 4 weeks after delivery to the Client
  • photographic evidence of the damage (pictures, number of damaged items, detailed description of damaged goods) is submitted to Funero by registered mail or by e-mail address

In case of return (upon prior agreement with the Client) the goods must be delivered to Funero company in the same condition as received by the Client (shall be packed sufficiently and protected in such a way that no damages can arise during their transportation).

All claims should be submitted to our e-mail address: or to in case of international clients.
Goods should be returned to our Central Warehouse location, address of which can be found at Funero website

Failure to comply with these conditions shall result in dismissal of the complaint.

3. The complaint should not be considered if the damages:

  • occurred after the delivery has been made
  • are done to the inside of the coffin
  • are due to improper storage or improper transport performed by the Client

4. Admission of a complaint:

In case of admission of a complaint Funero company within 14 working days from acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint will settle the issue by negotiation. Funero reserves the right to defer the date of decision about the complaint – for reasons beyond the control of Funero – if the complaint handling deadline cannot be met. After satisfying all complaint terms and conditions Funero company reserves the right to check the product at Client’s location.

Adjustments to the original documents (Delivery Note or invoice documents issued by Funero company) are prohibited.

In case of admission of a complaint Funero reserves the right to:

  • repair damaged goods at Client’s or at Funero’s location
  • replace the goods
  • refund the price of the goods or deduct the price of the goods from the next invoice

5. Information about damages occurred during transportation shall be noted into the Delivery Note document and shall be signed by the driver. The document is the basis for compensation.